“We view Global Smoothie Day as an opportunity to get our global community excited about building health and energy into their day, while simultaneously raising awareness about malnutrition and diet-related illness. We also see it as an opportunity to educate the masses that all smoothies are not equal. We want to show them how to make alkalizing smoothies that boost health and prevent disease – not the kinds that are loaded with additives, artificial flavours and multiple fruits.” Dr. Rhea Mehta, Founder of Global Smoothie Day


Global Smoothie day was conceived by Dr. Rhea Mehta, Molecular Toxicologist, integrative nutrition advisor and leader in health advocacy.

Dr. Rhea believes that smoothies, when made with intention, are vehicles to routine building, symptom relief, greater energy, health awareness and self-love. Not to mention better poops!

Dr. Rhea has designated october 3rd a day for people all over the world to carefully examine and re-evaluate what they’re putting into their bodies.

But more importantly, she is committed to inspiring healthy conversation every day.